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2019 Event Photos & Videos

Greyhound superhero Bolt with another superhero at Lord's Place Sleepout on April 5th
Paws at the Mall, Wellington Mall - April 5th
AGA and H&H at Great Stuff in Delray Beach
PetCon March 23 & 24
Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Easter Egg Hunt
4/20/19 AGA Greyhound Walk
Wellington Mall, 7/27/19
Not one, not two but 11 Greyhounds attended this event: Bolt, Brandy, Captain, Jewel, Juliet (Numb), Libby, Rash, Stretch, Stryker, Tricky, and Trooper.
AGA's Hounds & Heroes Event at Pt. St. Lucie Texas Roadhouse on 11/11/19
AGA's Hounds & Heroes Veteran's Day Event at Palm Beach Kennel Club on 11/11/9
AGA's Hounds & Heroes Veteran's Day Event at First United Methodist Church on 11/11/9
Volen Senior Center Luncheon, sponsored by Comcast. Special recognition was given to attendees with AGA's Hounds & Heroes
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