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About Us

Awesome Greyhound Adoptions (AGA), Inc. is a 501c3 corporation completely run by volunteers who are dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes for racing greyhounds that no longer qualify to compete at the racetrack.


These highly-trainable dogs are given the chance to find placement as pets, as therapy dogs or as fully-trained service dogs for veterans and first responders.


Because we are a volunteer organization, we rely upon people like you to foster our greyhounds to help them become acclimated to a home life away from a track. For more information about fostering, visit our Volunteer page.

Hounds &
Heroes Program


AGA carefully evaluates each greyhound for temperament and health to place each dog into a pet home or to have them carefully selected as a service or therapy dog for veterans and first responders through the Hounds & Heroes Program.

A no-kill greyhound adoption group


AGA is a proud member of the

Comments from AGA Supporters

Jennifer S. - October 15, 2020

"We are so happy to have learned about Awesome Greyhound Adoptions and adopted our first greyhound, Royce. He brought us so much joy! When he passed away, we knew that we would adopt again, and AGA came through for us with not one greyhound but two!  We absolutely adore our new dogs, Foreman and Coal Miner, and can't imagine life with our greyhounds."

Jerry H. - November 25, 2016

"We who know you and who know how much you do for the community are thankful for you Barbara.  As for AGA, simply put, we would not exist without you and all of your work and love, and the Pups would not be so fortunate as they are with you steering them toward a new, full-filling life.  Thank you, Barbara Masi, and may you be healthy and happy!"


Sheryl Z - September 27, 2016

"Dear Barbara... I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your
generosity, and caring enough to find my family the best greyhounds on
earth. Your work is paramount to the greyhound community and my dogs have provided my family with learning about responsibility, time management, and self awareness for others besides themselves.


Raphael's eyes may be a bit dimmer, his hearing a bit duller, even the lines
around his face are somewhat droopy, but his heart still pounds when I come
home from teaching each day and he runs like the wind to greet me. Take care Barbara and please continue your important work with the


Billy Ward, Essex Junction, VT - April 2016
"Two and a half years folks! For 2 and a half long years I checked this particular dog’s stats almost daily on!  When he got jammed up in the race of April 25th, 2014 I thought that I had lost him! I checked the stats constantly for 4 months to find nothing! I thought he was a goner!   Then he reappeared!

He raced as a AA at Wheeling for a while and disappeared again, only to reappear in Palm Beach running Super Sprints! (He had never run any before).  It was a few months later that I decided to try to bring him home!  He is the half brother to two of my greys – who are littermates.  All have the same mother.

(This is the spiritual part)  I made one phone call of little consequence. On my second phone call I got Barbara Masi...a name I had found on the Internet.  Within a few hours (literally) Barbara had talked to all the powers that be at the track and subsequently Kansas...AND IT WAS A DONE DEAL!!!  Meant to be...had to be meant to be!!!!"


Arnold Haber - June 2016
"I'll look forward to each update. I can't think of a better or more worthy program and each success speaks volumes for the breed, the program, and the service of the veterans."


Amanda Cantrell - October 2015
"Awesome Greyhound Adoptions...We Say... "Awesome Greyhound Life Changers!!"


Tom Fahy - May 2015
"You people are the real heroes, thanks for what you're doing. Can't say thanks enough for all your work, you're what's right with this country."


Governor Rick Scott - April 2015
"Thank you for paying tribute to our servicemen and women through the Hounds and Heroes Program and for providing an opportunity for your fellow Floridians to commend our veterans and their families for their service." View the entire letter.


Arnold Haber - April 2015
"Barbara, you've probably been involved with memorable projects in your long and varied career/life but for me this must be one of your proudest moments. 'Liking' is simply not enough here. Thank you for sharing and that's certainly the very least I can say. I would repeat Terry's post and stand to attention!!!!! Thanks for sharing, Barbara."


Jeff Knight - November 2014
"Well Barbara, it is true you placed Coil and Wally, but the reasons I choose to support AGA are mostly because I admire your values and the way you put the hounds first and think about what is best for them."


"... (this is a) local group with goals I can support, because they are transparent about finances, and because they were recommended by a friend."


Dennis McKeon - November 2014
"Congrats to a tough old battler, who raced 135 times and had a fine career. Now, it's onto greater things, to support warriors like he was. A visionary program, and another stage on which to display his honesty and character. Well done, Stormy. Good luck. And to Judi, you are the best, letting him go out a winner."

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