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Previously Adopted Greyhounds

A no-kill greyhound adoption group


Enjoy some photos of greyhounds that were adopted from our program. If you have greyhound photos that you would like to share, please contact us! We would love to share them!

Adopted in 2018







Therese Skinner.PNG

 Therese Skinner 







Adoptions Prior to 2018


Date of birth: 10/13/14
Gender: female
Color: black

Spunky, fun-loving female who is very smart and learns fast. 

Niya (PG Hottie Tottie)


Date of Birth: DOB 10/25/09

Gender: Female

Color: Black and White


Niya was adopted by gentleman in Melbourne, FL along with Daisy in July of 2017.  They enjoy going to work with him and getting fawned over by others in the office every day.

Wally (Wheels Up Wally)


Wally was happily adopted in 2015 and lives with two other greyhounds.




Baby (Hastalvista) was adopted through Awesome Greyhound Adoptions and now happily lives with her new family.

Roman (Junior)

Roman was adopted in December 2013 and was renamed Junior! He was as happy as he can be, wagging his half-tail.

Judge (VJ Rhythmandblue)

Date of Birth: 7/5/10

Gender: Male

Color: Light Brindle


Judge was just adopted with a doberman brother in September 2015.  He is a Velcro dog and does not want you out of his sight.

Troy (AKA San Tan Troy)


Age: 3.5 Years

Gender: Male

Color: Red Brindle/White


Troy, a fun-loving greyhound, was adopted in March 2014.

(Formerly Krazy - PJ Roll Rich)

Date of Birth:10/16/12

Gender: Female

Color: Dark Brindle


Daisy was adopted by gentleman in Melbourne, FL along with Niya in July of 2017.  They enjoy going to work with him and getting fawned over by others in the office every day.

Jagger (Formerly Ranger)

Date of Birth: 4/13/13

Gender: Male

Color: White and Brindle

Jagger is a smaller white male with brindle. He was a little too small to be a service dog, so AGA decided this goofy boy with a great personality should be adopted out.


Note from his adopters:

"He is an angel. Acts like he's been here forever.  And, this IS his forever home.

Thank you to Awesome Greyhound Adoption, Barbara.  I wish I could have them all!!!!!!!"




(AKA Mad Mistress)

Gender: Female

Color: Black

Was adopted in October 2015 into a wonderful family.


Sex: Female

Color: Black and White

Adopted and in her new home!


Ginger (Atascocita Ala)

Date of Birth: 4/10/13

Gender: Female

Color: Red Fawn

Ginger has been in foster care since December of last year (2014).  Her foster mom fell in love with her and decided to keep her as of September 2015!


Louie (Once in a Blue Moon)


Gender: Male

Color: Blue


Louie is settling into his new surroundings with his forever family after neuter, shots, and dental, etc.


He is a wonderful boy – beautiful blue fella.


(AKA Blazin fireball)

Gender: Female

Color: Black

Was just adopted into a wonderful greyhound home and loves her life.



Sex: Male

Color: White and Brindle


Adopted and in his new home!



Sex: Female

Color: Brindle

Adopted and living in her new home!


SMG Comfort
(formerly Hero)

Date of Birth: 11/10/12

Gender: Male

Color: White/Black (Cow Colored)

Comfort is a handsome white fella with a couple of brindle spots – alert and curious in all new situations.  He has the cutest bend in his tail. He was adopted into a home with two cats and a smaller dog.

Cliff (formerly Twister)

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Cliff was neutered, dewormed, and just adopted into his new home, April 2016! His new owners say "He is so affectionate and loves meeting new people."


Coral (formerly PJ's Cash Game)

Gender: Female

Color: White/Black

Coral is being owner trained as a PTSD service dog for a non-veteran, Claudia.



Date of Birth: 06.18.14

Gender: Female

Color: Fawn


Diva was adopted in 2017. She is a sweetie – curious, precocious, and her tail never stops wagging.




Jose Rodriguez


DOB: 3/23/12

Sex: Male

Color: Black

Jose Rodriguez is a handsome and sweet black boy who was adopted in July 2016.  He came to AGA with a broken leg and Carolyn and Dennis Spencer worked with him through rehabilitation. He is now happy and healthy!


Music was adopted through Awesome Greyhound Adoptions and now happily lives with his new family.


Gender: Female

Color: Fawn


Diva was adopted in 2017 into a home with one of our service dogs, Gunner!

Hard Link

Gender: Male

Color: White/Black



Hard Link was adopted by one of AGA's own in July 2016! He has home, happy and healthy.

Hood (aka Blu Too Hood)

Gender: Male

Color: Black


Hood was adopted in 2017!


He's really loving his beds and has become a bit of a toy hoarder!



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