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Greyhounds can make wonderful pets, therapy dogs and service dogs because of their gentle temperament. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to determine if a greyhound is right for your family. 


To adopt, please visit our Greyhounds Available for Adoption page and review our Adoption Process and please ... feel free to ask questions!

Adopt a Greyhound with a Healthy Start

The following Tests/Procedures are performed on all of our Greyhounds:

  • Heartworm Test with treatment, if needed

  • Fecal Testing with treatment, if needed

  • Neuter or Spay

  • Dental Cleaning including Extractions, if needed

  • All Vaccinations including Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP

  • Rabies Tag

  • Microchip



Since racing ended in Florida, there are fewer greyhounds available for adoption. Awesome Greyhound Adoptions occasionally receives retired racers from West Virginia, a state that still has greyhound racing. These dogs can be brought in for families who have submitted our application and paid the adoption fee. The fee covers the dog's transport and medical expenses. The adoption fee is currently $600. The wait time for a West Virginia racer can be 3 months or more.


We also receive retired racers from Ireland. The adoption fee for these greyhounds is currently $1,200, which covers a significantly higher transport fee along with the medical checkup. Irish racers can only be transported to Florida during the winter months, as it is far too hot for this precious cargo during the summer.

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