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Available for Adoption - February 2024!

3 yr-old Neutered Male


6 yr-old Neutered Male


Adopting a Greyhound

Every greyhound that arrives from the track is carefully screened for temperament and health and then placed in a foster home. We rely on our foster families to further assess each dog's personality to determine what kind of family would be the best fit. To adopt, please visit our Adoption Form page.

Please be advised that – since racing has stopped in Florida – there are fewer dogs available for pet adoptions.  When available, we are sent a few from West Virginia where there is currently racing.  Dogs will be brought in for those who have submitted application and paid the adoption fee (medical reimbursement fee) and transport fee.  This amount may change but is currently $600 per dog.


We are also getting dogs in from Ireland – and they are retired racers just as you would get in the USA.  The adoption fee for these dogs currently is $1200 to enable us to recoup some of the travel expenses and the vetting of the dog here in the USA.  (Dogs are mostly vetted in Ireland before transport, but we need to add heartworm preventative and to have a general exam so we can ensure you are getting a healthy dog.)


Wait time for a West Virginia dog can be three months or more.  For an Irish greyhound, the transports are only during winter months to Miami as it is too hot to land this precious cargo during the heat of the summer.

Please submit an application to show interest in adopting.

Adopt a
Greyhound with a Healthy Start

The following Tests/Procedures are performed on all of our Greyhounds:

  • Heartworm Test with treatment, if needed

  • Tick-Borne Disease Panel with treatment, if needed

  • Fecal Testing with treatment, if needed

  • Neuter or Spay

  • Dental Cleaning including Extractions, if needed

  • All Vaccinations including Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP

  • Rabies Tag

  • Microchip

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