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Each of our greyhounds is carefully screened for temperament and health. Please review each greyhound's biography to find out more about his/her personality to see if he or she will be a right fit for your family. To adopt, please visit our Adoption Form page.

The following Tests/Procedures are performed on all of our Greyhounds:

  • Heartworm Test with treatment, if needed

  • Tick-Borne Disease Panel with treatment, if needed

  • Fecal Testing with treatment, if needed

  • Neuter or Spay

  • Dental Cleaning including Extractions, if needed

  • All Vaccinations including Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP

  • Rabies Tag

  • Microchip

Adopt a
Greyhound with a Healthy Start

Alamo - DOB 11/28/13

MALE, Neutered

Mike - DOB 9/17/17

MALE, Neutered

Mike and Able are very bonded brothers and would love if at all possible to be adopted together. So what do you get if you adopt these two together?
1. Not only do you get a Ginger but you also get a Blonde because it's just to hard to choose between a Ginger and a Blonde Fawn.
2. Double the snuggles.
3. No worries about having to buy a ton of extra beds as Mike and Able prefer to share.
4. Double the Greyhound smiles.
5. You get the MAT- The Mike and Able Team- Both are just a paw-call away to provide lots of joy and laughs with only one service call charge 😁
6. Two of the easiest going Greyhounds you will ever meet.
7. Two of the most handsome boys.

Able - DOB 9/17/17

MALE, Neutered


Rely DOB 4/21/18

MALE, Neutered



KB's Coal Miner DOB 8/23/18

MALE, Neutered

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