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Date of Birth:        July 24, 2022
Racing History:   None
Gender:                     Female

My name is Valor, and I’m a service dog in training. My personality is loving, cuddly, love pets and scritches. I can sleep with you in bed or in a bed on the floor. I obey well – most of the time – but I’m working on getting better. I sit, down, wait (before jumping out of the car), working on stay – just don’t distract me. I am also working on under (I was performing this command quite well until I hit my head one time, now I’m more cautious, but I’ll get there again). I am well versed in the command ‘no’ and ‘drop it’. I’m an awesome walker on a loose leash, and love to go for walks. I love to go for car rides. When my vest comes out I know I get to go with my foster mom on an adventure and I put my neck and head right into the vest to show her I’m
ready…… Lets go!

image (1).png

I’m a good eater, I love my food. I love ice cubes, and if you put them in a bowl of water I will put my snoot all the way under in order to get that slippery thing.

I’m not ready yet to leave my foster home, but soon. I would love to meet a veteran or first responder to determine if we’re a good match. I would love to have my own person to look forward to being with forever and to take care of in the special way they need. I love my foster mom and she loves me, but she knows I won’t be with her forever. It’s sad, but if I’m with someone who needs me – it will be so
much better.

Valor is being fostered/trained by Michele Kessler.

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