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Welcome to all the blog readers who are interested in dogs – more specifically greyhounds. Although some of the articles I write are generic for dogs, I am a convert to the sighthounds – specifically greyhounds (although I also have an Irish Wolfhound in my pack).

I was recently asked “Why do you give up so much of your time to finding homes for greyhounds?” I promptly answered that I don’t “give up” that time – that I am blessed with being able to do this with these magnificent creatures. I have been working with the breed for over 13 years now and find it a rewarding experience every day. I get more back than I give – in doggy kisses and happy owners. I absolutely love it when a new greyhound owner calls me and says “This is the best dog ever” or “You made me so happy with _____ as he/she is the perfect match for my family and our lifestyle.”

Of course it is even more rewarding to see the service dogs go off with their veteran. What an experience to see the magnificent greyhound working so closely with his / her owner as they go about daily visits / chores in the community. I cannot tell you the satisfaction that comes from having the grey become one with the veteran as they go off together.

Sharing part of my life with these dogs makes me happy and I am honored that they share so much with me – whether a foster dog, a medical foster, a service dog in training or one that winds up staying as part of the Masi Pack. From the minute I go to the compound to meet the dogs that are available to come into our program to the end of the process when they are placed, it is all a wonderful adventure. Is there a “cult” of greyhound owners? Yes, that is probably the right word. We are obsessive / compulsive about our wonderful breed.

In these blogs I plan to cover some of the things important to dogs / greyhounds and sincerely hope you enjoy reading the blogs. You may e-mail me with comments at any time –

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