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Date of Birth:        July 24, 2022
Racing History:   None
Gender:                     Male

Hero is very tall and a very strong lean boy.

He has a very strong emotional intelligence.  He would excel in a role that would require empathy and has a strong ability to adapt to his owners emotions.  He prefers to snuggle right up next to you at any time but also is just fine to go lay on his many dog beds about the house.

He enjoys being around the water, he loves walking the perimeter of the pool, walks along the canal or on the beach but doesn’t care to go into it so much.

Hero enjoys watching tv, sports that involve fast balls
Like tennis or basketball, but especially loves dogs and animals on the tv and even more so if it’s greyhounds.



Hero lives with two little dogs and a cat.  They are the boss, not him.  He usually obliges but will still annoy them like a younger sibling before giving in and cuddling.

He also loves live music, as he is in a home where he is constantly exposed to all live loud instruments, with the drums being his least favorite and usually a nice keyboard jazz being his favorite.  A trip to guitar center does not even phase him.  If he does encounter anything that he is unsure of, such as a flag, it doesn’t take him long to adjust. His favorite things are his squeaky alligator, a chew stick, his stuffed caterpillar and bath mats.

Hero is being fostered/trained by Kim Strittmatter Rengstl.

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